New Translation Group to Support

Now that the funds have completely come in for the Rutara, Team OneVerse will now be supporting a group of people in Cameroon called the Gunu. The language group of over 40,000 people call their language Nugunu.

Nugunu.map2.mapThe majority of the Gunu live a very basic farming lifestyle in western Africa. The community lacks adequate medical facilities, and school fees present serious challenges for Gunu families, resulting in low levels of education.

Almost half of the population affiliates with the Catholic Church. Protestant denominations also attract a significant following. Because the church grew up around an oral tradition rather than the written Word, many people still practice animistic rituals and are afraid of sorcery. Believers long to see their community transformed by God’s Word, freed from fear and superstition and well-grounded in Scripture to prevent attrition into various heresies.

This project builds on one that SIL International started in 1977. After expatriates were no longer involved in the project, the local translators continued on their own. Without adequate financial support or consistent consultant input, they tenaciously pursued their goal of the Scriptures in their mother tongue, drafting 40% of the New Testament. Some of the local churches are already using available Nugunu Scripture portions in their services. This project will provide the resources the team needs to finish the work and bring the Gospel of Christ clearly to Nugunu speakers for the first time.

With only a few New Testament books to translate, pray for this project to continue to place the written word of God into the hands of the Gunu.


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