About T1V

The Need
While most people can name 10 or 20 different languages, there are actually over 6,800 languages currently spoken in the world. Less than half have any portion of Scripture available and just under 2,000 still need a complete translation. These language groups represent approximately 209 million people without access to the life-giving, life-changing hope and power of God’s Word.

Team OneVerse, part of The Seed Company, works specifically with national speakers who begin or complete the translation process. In order to connect the much-needed funding with the workers who dedicate their lives to this task, The Seed Company creatively networks people around the world to finish these projects. Team OneVerse is one of the ways nationals are able to continue their work.

The Team
Team OneVerse takes the preparation, determination, and energy to participate in a race and infuses it with the ability to raise funds and awareness for the translation process. Runners & triathletes around the country will train together for a 5k, 10k, full or half marathon, or triathlon. During their training, every full or half marathoner and Olympic distance or further triathlete will set the goal to raise $1500, over 55 verses translated into a previously unreached language for $26 each. (We’ll work with people interested in participating in a shorter distance to set an appropriate goal.) Ultimately, the team consists of three essential members: the runner, the supporter, and the translator.

I run. I give. I translate.
Team One Verse

I run the miles.
Every race begins with the sound of the starter’s gun. And Team OneVerse begins with a runner. I choose to run the distance. Whether 26.2 miles or a 5k, I participate to understand the dedication and pursuit of every translator and missionary as they spread the gospel. I want to represent the race before me to claim the prize of Christ in heaven. And I run to raise awareness for the translation need, so those around the world can begin their own race. That’s why I run the miles.

I give $26.
Some plant seeds, others water them, but God alone gives the fruit. I am the water, the connection, the needed link, the encourager, the one to offer support. By giving $26, I am part of the translation process, bringing the truth of the gospel to people around the world one verse at a time. My feet may not hit the pavement or step on foreign soil, but I enable the work to continue. This avenue of obedience is how I am part of the team. That’s why I give $26.

I translate one verse.
God promises that when His Word goes out, it will not return void but will accomplish the purpose for which it was intended. I walk in faith daily that all will hear and that God will use His Words to transform the lives of people in my community. I have found Truth and spend my time translating the Bible for people who have yet to hear Scripture in their own language. The process is precise and rigorous, but the fruit being born is worth every minute of my time. That’s why I translate, one verse at a time.

Where Do You Fit?
We want you to join Team OneVerse and be part of the translation process through athletics. Are you a runner, walker, or triathlete with a desire to complete a marathon or other race? It may be your first or it may be a chance for you to use the sport you love to build God’s kingdom. Perhaps you are not able to be part of the team physically, but feel a call to give and support the team as a necessary encourager. We need your prayers and involvement too. Or maybe God has a place for you in the translation process. Please pray about where you can join Team OneVerse.

About the Blogger

A half in 2:01:01. A new PR!

A half in 2:01:01. A new PR!

Hello! My name is Allison. I’ve been running since 2005. I played sports in high school, but hated running. Eventually, I dropped all my expectations for going a certain distance or a particular speed and just started running to see how far I could go. Now I’ve run four marathons! I’m not fast, but am getting faster. I love seeing what I’ve accomplished by slowly adding more miles over time.

While I own five Bibles, there are over 2,000 language groups around the world who don’t have the Bible in their own language. Since I started understanding the great need for translation, I decided to find a way to spread the gospel and do it by running! I later learned about The Seed Company and a great running partnership was formed: Team OneVerse.

I hope you are able to join the team as a runner, supporter, or even a translator! Thanks for coming by!


6 responses to “About T1V

  1. I’m so excited about this…you are running the race with endurance literally!!

  2. Wow, what a great idea. I will follow TOV and pray for your progress. I look forward to learning more about this good work.
    Happy running,

  3. what a great site and informative posts, I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  4. parker365photography

    Hey Allison!
    I want to join Team One Verse, but I have a couple of questions first.

    Thanks so much!!!!

  5. Johanna Fenton

    Allison, you do a great job here. I’m posting a comment so I can sign up to receive posts by email. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much! Let me know if the posts come via email. I haven’t been sure if it works! I need to get some new posts up now that I’m finally back from spring break!

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