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Team OneVerse exists to fulfill the Great Commission through running! Over 209 million people around the world don’t have access to God’s Word because it does not exist in their heart language. Team OneVerse takes the preparation, determination, and energy to participate in a race and infuses it with the ability to raise funds and awareness for the translation process. Through race fundraising, you can make a difference in the life of someone who has never heard about the saving work of Jesus Christ.

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New Translation Group to Support

Now that the funds have completely come in for the Rutara, Team OneVerse will now be supporting a group of people in Cameroon called the Gunu. The language group of over 40,000 people call their language Nugunu.

Nugunu.map2.mapThe majority of the Gunu live a very basic farming lifestyle in western Africa. The community lacks adequate medical facilities, and school fees present serious challenges for Gunu families, resulting in low levels of education.

Almost half of the population affiliates with the Catholic Church. Protestant denominations also attract a significant following. Because the church grew up around an oral tradition rather than the written Word, many people still practice animistic rituals and are afraid of sorcery. Believers long to see their community transformed by God’s Word, freed from fear and superstition and well-grounded in Scripture to prevent attrition into various heresies.

This project builds on one that SIL International started in 1977. After expatriates were no longer involved in the project, the local translators continued on their own. Without adequate financial support or consistent consultant input, they tenaciously pursued their goal of the Scriptures in their mother tongue, drafting 40% of the New Testament. Some of the local churches are already using available Nugunu Scripture portions in their services. This project will provide the resources the team needs to finish the work and bring the Gospel of Christ clearly to Nugunu speakers for the first time.

With only a few New Testament books to translate, pray for this project to continue to place the written word of God into the hands of the Gunu.

Rutara Language Project Fully Funded!

Thanks to God’s grace, the Rutara language translation project that Team OneVerse has funded has been fully sponsored! This important milestone means translators can continue their work, knowing they have financial provisions to see it through to completion. On behalf of the Rutara translation team, a huge thank you to everyone who has run with T1V or given to a runner’s fundraising goal! The Rutara will have complete access to the Word of God!

Please keep in mind that the actual translation work of the New Testament is not quite complete. Since the funding is complete, the project will be one day soon! Please continue to pray for this translation work as many hours are still ahead and much spiritual warfare awaits.

What an awesome way we have been the crowd-support for the Rutara as they run the race of faith!


You are Worthy…



For God So Loved…



Worthy are You!


“Do You Know What This Would Mean?”

Translator Lee Bramlett was confident that God had left His mark on the Hdi culture somewhere, but though he searched, he could not find it. Where was the footprint of God in the history or daily life of these Cameroonian people? What clue had He planted to let the Hdi know Who He was and how He wanted to relate to them?

Then one night in a dream, God prompted Lee to look again at the Hdi word for love. Lee and his wife, Tammi, had learned that verbs in Hdi consistently end in one of three vowels. For almost every verb, they could find forms ending in i, a, and u. But when it came to the word for love, they could only find i and a. Why no u?

Lee asked the Hdi translation committee, which included the most influential leaders in the community, “Could you ‘dvi’ your wife?” “Yes,” they said. That would mean that the wife had been loved but the love was gone.

“Could you ‘dva’ your wife?” “Yes,” they said. That kind of love depended on the wife’s actions. She could be loved as long as she remained faithful and cared for her husband well.

“Could you ‘dvu’ your wife?” Everyone laughed. “Of course not! If you said that, you would have to keep loving your wife no matter what she did, even if she never got you water, never made you meals. Even if she committed adultery, you would be compelled to just keep on loving her. No, we could never say ‘dvu.’ It just doesn’t exist.”

Lee sat quietly for a while, thinking about John 3:16, and then he asked, “Could God ‘dvu’ people?”

There was complete silence for three or four minutes then tears started to trickle down the weathered faces of these elderly men. Finally they responded, “Do you know what this would mean? This would mean that God kept loving us over and over, millennia after millennia, while all that time we rejected His great love. He is compelled to love us, even though we have sinned more than any people.”

One simple vowel and the meaning was changed from “I love you based on what you do and who you are” to “I love you, based on Who I am. I love you because of Me and not because of you.”

God had encoded the story of His unconditional love right into their language. For centuries, the little word was there — unused but available, grammatically correct and quite understandable. When the word was finally spoken, it called into question their entire belief system.

As God’s Word is translated around the world, people are gaining access to his great love story about how God ‘dvu’-d us enough to sacrifice his unique Son for us, so that our relationship with Him can be ordered and oriented correctly. The cross changes everything!